Champagne and Sparkles

sparkly lights

Last night was such a perfect way to start off December and the Holiday Festivities. Delicious dinner, walk through the park – all sparkly and lite up! And then champagne. Don’t ask why I got champagne. There really wasn’t anything to celebrate besides… it being December?? But I was just saying you need to celebrate often, and after walking through the park and seeing all the Christmas lights I felt all sparkly and bubbly so champagne was the perfect combo. I am a sucker for white Christmas lights. So much that I even have them up in my room all year round. They make everything look good and always cheer me up! This girl – is always such a pleasure to hang out with. She has an amazing outlook on life and always has positive things to say. Definitely someone you like to be around. So we tried out FriSatSun – a restaurant that I walk by all the time and have been wanting to try. The food was great! And the service, I think we had about 3 different waiters make sure we were ok, before we took our coats off. Minus one calling Steph loud 🙂 , it was a cute little place and I’d definitely go back there. After that we walked through the park which was absolutely stunning! Since I’ve been walking through my days the past few months and not really paying attention, it doesn’t seem like it should be the holiday season yet, let alone Christmas in a few weeks! So seeing the lights and Parc all done up, was exciting.

THIS song, always reminds me of the holidays… for whatever reason.

ready to celebrate

WORKOUT – yoga class, bike 1 hour, weights


One response

  1. I had so much fun this night!!! Brunch soon, cant wait!

    December 6, 2011 at 2:44 am

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