Sleep is Overrated

I am coming to the realization that I will never sleep. Or maybe at least not for a while yet. When I bartend I don’t get home til about 4am, and then by the time I unwind it’s about 5:00am before I get to sleep. Then I’ll usually wake up at 7:30ish… try to make myself stay in bed until 10 – which is hard. So I’m usually going on about 4 hours of sleep. Not enough. Not healthy.

But anyway, this morning it was totally worth it because I got to run again and it was glorious! The weather was perfect. Although I felt really slow and heavy, probably because I am right now. So far so good with my ITB, it hasn’t been too bad, especially considering I just started back last week and kinda stepped it up quickly with the mileage. Today I set out to do 7, and did. Slow and steady but enjoyed every minute of it.

WORKOUT – 7 miles


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