Dodge Rock ‘n’ Roll Latin Music Miami 1/2 Marathon, 2011 – Recap

so cool

Oh Miami… it’s all about the sunglasses and the bikinis. This race was a little spur of the moment. I happened to find out that I’d be in Miami the same weekend of the race and had been contemplating doing it for a while. I wasn’t sure 1. because I knew I’d be on a girl’s weekend partying quite a bit and 2. I haven’t run or trained in over 3 months because of my ITB. So I told myself I’d see how I felt when I got down there and decide on the Saturday before the race.

To the expo we went… Mary and I headed over to the Dodge Expo on Saturday after hitting up SB (obvi after our night on Friday!). LOVED how this expo was right on the beach! So cool compared to the indoor convention center expos at other places. We bought some sweaty bands and walked around and I officially signed up. $125 later – that’s what I get for waiting til the day before, and I was all set.

beach expo

Yes, it was hard to hold back a bit on Saturday when you are surrounded by $30 drinks, party music and sun and fun. BUT – I did it. I think one of my roommates came in at 5:30am from the bar and my alarm went off at 6. A little jealous, I got up, got excited and got ready. 

 I walked up to the start, found my corral and didn’t have to wait too long to start. Perfect, because I hate the pre-race anticipation, waiting in line for the port-a-potties, finding your corral, etc etc. This race was pretty small, which was nice and that meant I was in corral number 3 – so I felt cool. 

 I really feel as though this race flew by and don’t remember most of it. Just kind of ran, took in the scenery and enjoyed. It did seem to be a lot of running on the highway, which isn’t exactly that exciting. I thought it would be more running next to the beach. We did cross over a few bridges and I got the opportunity to get some great pics. It seemed pretty flat for the most part but a few of the bridges were up hill, and of course they were towards the end of the race. 

 There weren’t a lot of people either so that is always nice because it isn’t crowded and you can get around everyone easily. Not that I was passing that many people since I was running slow. But I tried to keep up with the 2:00 hour pace group. And luckily I at least finished under then – only by about 30 seconds, but whatev… have to give myself credit for even being able to run this one. It also started to rain at about mile 9ish, kind of nice to cool things off and it created an awesome double rainbow. 

 One good thing about going into a race dehydrated is that you don’t have to stop and pee. I think this is the first race where I didn’t have to stop. Another good thing… rehydrating with margaritas at the Eagles game. THE absolute perfect post-race drink. 

 And this little guy never hurts… 


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3 responses

  1. Having the expo on the beach is a great idea! I was there last year probably right around the same spot for a Stanford pep rally for the Orange Bowl, a lot of fun.

    Sounds like the run went great!

    That rainbow pic seriously almost looks fake, haha

    December 21, 2011 at 1:34 am

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