Teach ’em Young

he knows where it's at

My little nephew… he knows what’s up! I was so lucky this week to get a lot of family and friend visits in. Missed everyone so much. And when I say that I say it as if I’ve been away… which I guess I have, but mostly I’ve been MIA and doing who knows what. I’m feeling much better lately though and getting back in the groove with a lot of things, so I expect the start of this year to go off well.

So since I’ve been slacking, I wrote this post on Friday and am just getting around to finishing it up and posting it. I had a decent run on Friday too. Set out to run 8 miles (that’s what I told myself). I left the house in a hurry and didn’t bring gloves so my hands were freezing, and then my GPS wasn’t ‘locating satellites’ which is really irritating. Then my i-pod died at .63 miles, so I thought “ok, I’m only running 6 now, no music, really?”. But… things were going pretty well, still feeling really heavy and slow, however… no one was out along the trail and it was actually really nice and peaceful along the river with no music. So I ran out to boathouse row and turned around at mile 4. Good stuff! Still a lot of knee pain but hopefully that is all going to get figured out next week.

And the best part of the day is going to the Wrap Shack with J, K, and Alex. Nothing better than refueling with a portabella mushroom wrap and a delicious IPA.

WORKOUT -(Friday) JM, 8 miles


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