Marathon Training in a Jiffy

my reminders

It’s a little surreal to me that I’ll be hopefully running a marathon in less than two months. After Miami I had a good amount of confidence that I’d be able to pull this off. Going out and randomly running a half definitely gave me the boost that I needed. However, I am still a little wary about Myrtle Beach on February 18th. A half if no FULL, that’s for sure… and the time and effort that has to go into training is a lot more. More sacrifices, more training, more hours on your feet. But… we’ll see how this goes…

So far my training plan consists of writing down my long runs in my daily planner. Other than that, trying to get in a decent amount of runs during the week and lots of biking and strength training, I busted out JM again… remember her? Oh yeah and yoga for stretching.

Week One (this week) – 12, Week Two – 14, Week Three – 16, Week Four – 18, Week Five – 20, Week Six – 18 or 16? (depending how I feel), Week Seven – 10 … then it’s taper time.

WORKOUT – JM, 5 miles outside, 5 miles treadmill


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