Active Release Technique. What it is and why it works!! I started going to a Dr. Tancredi a few days ago as recommended by my Orthopedic Dr. I was relieved to not have to do PT, and to learn about such an amazing way of treating injuries. Doctor T is the best! He was great at explaining everything that was going on, why it was happening and what he was doing… and then what I should be expecting to see. I also love the fact that with this type of therapy you can still train. I think it’s very very important that Dr’s understand your wants and needs and the fact that athletes do NOT like to take time off. Especially a crazy runner like myself.

Yes it hurt – as I heard it would. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Still rather do this then get a bikini wax. No lie there. And Yes I have major bruises and actual thumb prints all over my leg, hip and knee. BUT the best part… it’s working. I can feel it already. Cracked back and neck and my alignment is better already.

Plus if HE does it… must be good. And I wonder what my chances would be of running into him at the office ???


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