Things to LOVE for the New Year

Here are some things to love and look forward to in the New Year.

1. THIS!!  2. Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale  3. being able to run again  4. A.R.T.  5. Travel, travel, travel  6.My 30th Birthday!!!  7.getting back in crazy shape… finally!  8. Colton Jacobson – yea he’s a little Justin Beiber-ish but his voice freaking rocks and I’m jealous  9. being able to wear ear buds again in six months  10. another summer coming up soon!  11.eating healthy again and doing ‘serious’ training  12.more marathons  13.more goals  14. more fun stuff…  15.hopefully a lot of good PRs  16. an injury free running year (here’s to hoping… it would be my first one)  17.logging every mile in 2012  18. mountains, shore, pool  19. more of these guys  20. new year, new me!!

And most importantly…. a lot more of this…. smiling and enjoying life




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