7 Weeks and Counting

Flight is about to be booked for Myrtle. Today is the first day of my psychotic eating/training habits. Here’s the deal… I have 7 weeks to get myself into marathon shape. NOT enough time considering I just spent the last 4 months getting out of marathon shape by drinking/eating/not running and being injured. I’m not going to set any time goals for myself for this marathon because it’s just not realistic. I just want to do it… finish, have fun, and take lots of pics of course. From what I understand it’s a flat course so shouldn’t be too bad, and the weather will hopefully be decent. But truly none of that even matters. It’s all about the training, baby.


It’s tough to get out there in the freezing cold when you’re sneakers still have sand on them from running in Miami. Yes… a little sad. But all the more reason to run faster, AND plan another trip. 🙂

WORKOUT – 5 miles, JM, yoga dvd

WEEK 1 – Tues:5miles,JM,yoga  Wed:bike,JM,yoga  Thur:6miles,JM,yoga  Fri:bike,JM,yoga Sat:14miles Sun:elliptical(recovery),JM


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