Gearing up for 14

I can NOT tell you how excited I am for my long run tomorrow. First and foremost because I haven’t been having any knee pain. Second because I am going to rock it! I think this short training plan has made me way more dedicated and determined than I thought I would be. Another good quote in RW today while at the gym was about earning your miles and not being able to cheat yourself. YOU do the work and YOU get the rewards. It’s that simple. Motivation, dedication, determination. So I feel super motivated right now and hopefully that continues. One more session of ART tonight, and then a few more scheduled next week depending on how I feel. Luckily it’s cold out and I can wear pants because my legs are pretty bruised up. But, I could care less as long as I can run with no pain. Let’s be honest, I am a little nervous seeing as the last time I ran this far was HERE and it was a split run. I guess Miami counts as almost 14. But almost isn’t enough.

The Weather looks good!

Everything is ready to go for tomorrow morn. I-pod charged so I won’t have to run without music, camera, phone, money… etc etc. AND I broke out the Body Glide, Monkey Butt, and sunscreen. Don’t think all of these are necessary but it makes me feel like I am prepping myself and ‘actually’ training.

bright gear

And fueling up on lots of protein today.

good stuff

green oatmeal??


WORKOUT – yoga class, bike – 1 hour, JM

WEEK 1 – Tues:5miles,JM,yoga  Wed:bike,JM,yoga  Thur:6miles,JM,yoga  Fri:bike,JM,yoga Sat:14miles Sun:elliptical(recovery),JM


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