First 14


My first long run of training could not have gone better!! Well… it can always go better, but it went pretty damn good today. This is definitely what I needed to gain some confidence back. I was super excited heading out. Woke up like a little kid on Christmas, running around getting all my stuff together. AND it was absolutely perfect weather – for January… that made it all the more exciting. But I was a little nervous, I knew if today was really tough it could set me back mentally for the next 6 weeks of training. Yes, there were some spots that were hard and that feeling crept up… wondering, thinking about 26.2 and how I will ever do it. But than imagining the finish line and the crowd. It’s different when you are running by yourself on a path to nowhere then when you are in a race around a ton of other people with support and a crowd cheering you on. Not sure how Myrtle will be but even if there are a few people every so often, it gives you the boost that you need to keep going.

The run started off pretty good. I never enjoy the first few miles… especially the first two. Usually have some pains and weird feelings in your legs and knees until you get warmed up, get into the groove and get a good rhythm going. And true to form my first two were the slowest. I don’t have any of my splits because I deleted them since the Garm was saying that I didn’t have any more space for training history. I’m sure it was right since I’ve never deleted any. So we’ll have to just start fresh for the new year and I’ll make sure to add on 27 miles to the total for 2012 at the end of the year. Anyway… I DID have negative splits! I’m trying to train my body to get used to running faster at the end of the run, which so far has been working well. My fastest pace was the last mile, always a plus.

apparently my only straight pic

So after mile two was over I was feeling good. Nice pace, good weather… I even took my gloves off and hid them in the bushes (next to some 40’s), to pick up on the way back. Probably a little too soon because my hands did get colder as I crossed over the bridge but not too bad.

40's but no water...

I got to see boathouse row, and the trails that I’ve missed for a while since I haven’t been out that far. Rowers were out… lots of people running, walking and of course – bikers!! Saw another A-hole move by one of them yelling at some people to get out of the way. I let this one go… not like last time. – A, if you read this… that one was for you 🙂

across the river

The geese were out and annoyingly blocking the path as usual. Where is Murph when you need him!?

mother goose

I was feeling really, really hungry at mile 5. Didn’t eat enough the past few days I think, but I have enough ‘holiday cookie fat’ to burn off for a while so hopefully that’s what was happening. Couldn’t wait for some water though. And of course the water fountains weren’t working. I cursed and kept on running. Dear Philadelphia, If I pay my parking tickets will you find a way to make working water fountains on the winter? Thanks. I thought about stopping at Dunkin Donuts for water but was going at a good pace and didn’t feel like taking the time.

nothing... really!?

Stopped my watch to stretch a few times. Sometimes taking a little break is just needed to keep the pace up, and stretching out my Hip Muscles seemed to help the tightness as well. After A.R.T. yesterday I was feeling a little sore.

while i was complaining about no water...

Instead of running out to Manayunk I made a left at the East Falls Bridge and went around to West River Drive. Always fun to run across bridges… I’m not even quite sure why.

bridge it up


under the train... good luck!?

Probably at about mile 7, halfway point I really started to feel it. Knew I had to kick it up a notch. I was really trying to run faster the second half, and that’s what I did. Back around over the bridge again, back to boathouse and only a few miles left. Really hungry and thirsty by the end, but felt awesome! Booked it back home for some water and an ice-bath. I know I am weird when I say I was actually looking forward to this. And it wasn’t bad at all… think I might need to step it up to two bags.

frozen tootsies

WORKOUT – 14 MILES!! , yoga dvd

WEEK 1 – Tues:5miles,JM,yoga  Wed:bike,JM,yoga  Thur:6miles,JM,yoga  Fri:bike,JM,yoga Sat:14miles Sun:elliptical(recovery),JM


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