I Like Surfers … screen

So I was bragging about how I didn’t need any of my running products today. Such as sunscreen, bodyglide etc etc. Well…. I definitely got burnt!! Damn you January sun and your sneakyness. I guess I should have known, being out there for two hours in the sun with pale winter skin I’d have that coming to me. I got back and noticed all my freckles were out – cute. After shower, sunburnt – not cute. Oh well, lesson learned. From now on… winter, summer, spring or fall I’m making sure I put on my surfscreen! Love this stuff for running because it’s hardcore, stays on and doesn’t run in your eyes or feel sticky and gross at all. You can definitely be in some intense sun and not get torched. I’ve also talked to several other runners who’ve said they use the same stuff. Some of those surfers must know what they are talking about…

Besides how funny is this video HIC Girls ??

Hawaiian Island Creations Suncare


One response

  1. leaning towards fredricton, a little mrathon in N.B Canada… Looking for something flat!

    January 7, 2012 at 11:10 pm

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