Week One Training Recap

Week One down… 6 more to go… scary!!

First week went fairly well. Eating wise, working out wise and mentally… a little harder. I had some doubts about how I’m actually going to do this. Also the fact that I started on a Tuesday didn’t exactly help. After putting in my 14 miler on Saturday that definitely gave me a boost of confidence and I’m feeling good so far this week. Goals for this week… drink more water, get more miles in (obvi), and some more biking or cross training. So far so good though, and feeling a lot better. Here’s the recap for the week. I’m looking forward to this week ahead!

Tuesday – yoga dvd, 5 miles recovery, JM (3lbs)

Wednesday – yoga dvd, bike – 1 hour, JM (3lbs)

Thursday – yoga dvd, 5 miles, 3 miles speed work on treadmill, JM (3lbs)

Friday – yoga class, bike – 1 hour, JM (3lbs)

Saturday – 14 miles, yoga dvd

Sunday – yoga class, 30 min elliptical recovery, JM (3lbs)


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