Goals and Sacrifices

Why do these two go hand in hand? There are always going to be things that you have to sacrifice in order to reach your goals. It’s hard to give things up… especially when we are used to living in a world where we can get everything we want, when we want it. But keeping your goals in mind, short term, long term, whatever they may be, makes sacrificing things much easier. And then once you meet that goal… it’s that much sweeter. Lately I’ve been giving up a lot. Food, alcohol (yes… you read that right), going out, and other things that I really can’t think of right now. Having my eye on the prize though has kept me sane (at least to this point… we’ll see what happens when week 6 rolls around).

When this becomes more important…

Than this…

And you need this stuff…

More than this stuff…

And these are your favorite…

Compared to these…

It’ll all be worth it when I cross that finish line!! AND not to mention having a head start on bikini season 😉 never hurts.

WORKOUT – yoga class, bike 1 hour (light), JM
WEEK 2 – Mon:6miles,JM,yoga,bike  Tues:spin,JM,yoga  Wed:6miles,2miles speed,weights,yoga  Thur:bike,JM,yoga  Fri:16miles,yoga Sat:elliptical(recovery),JM,yoga Sun:5miles,JM,yoga

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