Rest Up, Johnny

Listening to your body and taking a break when you need it is something that I’m not very good at. However it IS something that is really important. I’ve been over working myself… training, working, and not sleeping. To the point yesterday where I felt like I was going to pass out in the steam room. Is that normal? Probably not. So after working all night last night and going to bed at 5am, I decided that today would be better to rest completely, NO yoga, NO running… just lounging around on the couch in sweats. Um… dream day??


Perfect and exactly what I need. There’s a reason why tapering was invented, although it sucks it’s needed for good performance. I’m a little a lot behind where I want and need to be right now so I know next week is going to be stepping it up hardcore, so cutting myself some slack and taking one day is ok. Tomorrow is the long run… !!

Oh yeah and lots of this of course…

the new blonde
WEEK 2 – Mon:6miles,JM,yoga,bike  Tues:spin,JM,yoga  Wed:6miles,2miles speed,weights,yoga  Thur:bike,JM,yoga  Fri:REST Sat:16 miles, yoga Sun:yoga,JM,light recovery something?

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