Bringing Back the Recovery Run

So I think I learned my lesson today about not doing recovery runs anymore. I’ve had problems (stress fractures) in the past running too many miles on back to back days. Since then I really try to run every other day. Which means eliminating my recovery runs. HERE is a good article on recovery runs and why we need them. These, like taper I do hate but apparently it’s needed. I learned that the hard way today. Instead of doing anything yesterday I decided to sit on the couch all day. Yes – I really did need that too and I think that was the first day that I’ve had in a long long time to actually do that!

dorky socks - i don't care...

It was hard to get motivated this morning so I decided that I needed to be comfy as well as look super dorky on my run, with my socks and sweatshirt. Anyway… heading out for my run my legs felt really tired. Started off the run and my legs pretty much hated me. My left ‘Fibularis longus muscle’ was super tight, and I was definitely limping. Starting to panic and wondering how I was ever going to get 8 miles in and maybe freaking out a little bit about what other problems I could be creating if I had to push through it. Pre-Marathon Paranoia is setting in, folks… get ready for it.

What to do… what to do? I stopped to used the rest rooms on boathouse row and of course they were locked. Annoyed. Seriously… where does my 5% city wage tax go? I’d like it to go towards water fountains, bathrooms, and free parking – thanks. So, I took time to stretch out my calf and shin muscles on the curb – hard. I guess that worked because when I started back up again it was better. Switched up my stride to shorter, higher knees, and slower and things felt MUCH better. Super slow run but didn’t have any other problems besides knee pain – normal. Finished out and felt good.

Lesson learned. If I would have done just 3-4 miles yesterday my legs wouldn’t have had time to cramp up, tighten and forget they love running. Next time, recovery run it is.

WORKOUT – JM, 8 miles, yoga class (hopefully later)

Week Three Plan: Mon:8miles,JM,yoga Tues:spin,JM,yoga Wed:10miles(with speedwork),JM,yoga Thurs:bike,yoga,(or possible rest day) Fri:18miles,yoga Sat:JM,(recovery run) Sun:6miles,yoga,JM


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