Week Two Training Recap

Second week down already… kinda scary! Total mileage = 30. No where near where I need to be. Training was good… eating, not so much. I’m not sure about this whole – giving up alcohol thing. Can I do it – yes. Do I want to – of course not. Do I need to – definitely not. I trained for SD and drank some a lot while doing so. So I know it can be done. However this time I have about 3 months less to train so I needed to step it up. In turn I’m finding that by eliminating alchy I am compensating by eating more. I think? Instead of a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, it’s 20 crackers with PB and half a chocolate bar… oops. Training plans, life in general is all about trial and error and figuring out what works best for you, and updating your plan of action to better meet your goals.

Goals for this week. Eat better, cleaner, watch portions, lots more water. NO going out to eat. And try to get in more protein. More miles – of course. More speedwork. And listening to my body when I know I need a rest day. 

Monday – 6 miles, bike 1 hour, JM (5lbs), yoga dvd

Tuesday – spin, JM (5lbs), yoga dvd

Wednesday – 6 miles, 2 miles treadmill speedwork, yoga dvd, weights

Thursday – bike 1 hour light, JM (5lbs), yoga class

Friday – rest

Saturday – 16 miles

Sunday – rest

Week Three Plan: Mon:8miles,JM,yoga Tues:bike,JM,yoga Wed:10miles(with speedwork),JM,yoga Thurs:bike,yoga,(or possible rest day) Fri:18miles,yoga Sat:JM,(bike, or elliptical recovery) Sun:6miles,yoga,JM

Stepping it up even more this week… 5 weeks to go!!! Let’s do this!!


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