All About Running

I LOVE when my day is all about running!! And yesterday it was indeed.

SB, making your commute better

First off, I sat in about an hour plus of traffic getting out of the city and on 76. I definitely don’t miss the morning commute and rush hour, but it didn’t bother me too much because I had my coffee! And it’s a different story when you are going to go run than when you are on your way to work. For some reason I like driving somewhere to run, packing my stuff, heading out makes it seem more special I guess? Or maybe I like pretending that running is my job? I wish!! Who knows… I am just weird.

Anyway… had a great run at VF (will post about this later). There are a ton of trails at the park, and I haven’t gotten the chance to hit them up yet. One is I’m a little nervous to go out by myself, just because of crazy people lurking around and also of getting lost. But these bad boys are sooooo hard to resist!!…

trail it up

After the 10miler, I hit up BMRC for some trail sneaks! And other ‘necessities’. Booty shorts (not sure why I got these because I sure won’t be wearing them until summertime. Tan + yellow shorts = perfect summer attention grabber running gear.) Shot blocks which I am starting to like more than Sharkies. A new running long sleeve shirt, and capris.

can't get enough

I happen to also get a text from my friend, Col who had some running questions for me. I heart talking about running, obvi! So of course I sent a 20page text back, and hopefully was some help. The rest of the day was running some other running related errands. Have to go to REI to find my Stingers, and ended up seeing our Brooks Rep there as well. More running chat and I was off to the Doc’s for PT and more ART. Eat, sleep, breathe, R U N…

WORKOUT – yoga class, bike 1 hour, JM (3lbs)

Week Three Plan: Mon:8miles,JM,yoga Tues:bike30mins,JM,bike1hour,yogadvd Wed:weights(5lbs),10miles(hills) Thurs:yogaclass,bike1hour,JM(3lbs) Fri:yogaclass,18miles Sat:3miles(recovery run),JM Sun:6miles,yoga,JM


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