The Blue Mile

Ok… so more like 10 miles. But it actually felt kinda life ONE. My run at VF yesterday went well. Along with the rest of my running infused day. Lots of pics… not a lot of words for this one. I had it all in my head but didn’t write it down soon enough and now it’s gone. Plus I figured I’d better get this one out there, because tomorrow is my long run and I’m going to have a lot to say about that (I hope). And it better be good stuff!

packin it up

Since I have a ton of running stuff now (mostly because of cold weather), I got tired of carrying everything in a paper bag – not cute. So my overnight bag is now my running bag. Complete with breakfast, Uggs, and a clean dry shirt for afterwards. Along with a ton of other crap that I need.

not too cold?

Pretty cold at first but once I got started and the sun came out I warmed up a bit.

cute little potties

Did I mention that I love VF bathrooms? The Park Ranger or whoever you want to call her was in the restrooms cleaning them and I told her what a great job she does and that they always look clean. I blabbed some more about KD and having to use porto-potties and their real bathrooms are closed during the week. She either was grateful, or thought I was crazy and bee-lined it outta there.

no traffic

 Like clockwork… first mile sucks. “Can I do this?? Really, I have to run 10 with this pain? How the hell did I ever run 26.2, and will I ever be able to do it again? Is a strictly biking life really in my future!?” – Ha… that last one was a joke. No, but seriously… why is the first mile always so hard. I stopped at the top of the hill about .75 miles into the loop around the visitor’s center. Stretched my left shin and calf out, quads, etc… etc… did it all! And hid behind a monument because it was so windy.

makes you feel 'merican

Mile two… still a little slow, oh wait… nope, I’m baaaaaack baby! This seems to be the pattern. Then again some knee pain at mile 7, but in and out and run through it and it’s gone. Mile 6 and so on I just love it. “The weather is amazing, I could run forever. I’m going to kick this marathon’s ass. Feet quick, legs strong… I could do this all day long. Great music, jamming away… enjoying everything, loving life. My hands are cold and my mittens are in the car but I don’t even care. If I keep doing this, quicker, faster, stronger… I could sub 4, BQ, qualify for the Olympics… conquer the world!” Runners High. Seriously, we are crazy.

unlimited possibilities

Anyway… enough of being in my head. The run was great. I could have pushed it a little more at the end though. Got a little distracted with taking pictures and trying to avoid the field trip or tour group that was crossing my path. Some dude dressed up like George Washington leading the group – I almost stopped to get my picture with him.

field trip

Hill, hills and more hills. I didn’t get any speedwork in, but I crushed the hills.

looks a lot smaller here

Aaaaaaand, blue fingers at the end. Not just the nail polish.



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