There Goes Another 20

6:30 am Friday morn – excited, nervous, scared. Knee pain at night while I was sleeping trying to sleep. Didn’t get much, guess I was nervous about the run. Tossed and turned all night – the worst. Something I am pretty much used to though, so hopefully I can deal and get some good sleep the rest of the weekend!

Watched THIS before I headed out. Very motivational… love it! I usually dig Nike ads but this one takes it to the top for me.

getting motivated

So for whatever reason this just wasn’t my run. Maybe I was just in a bad mood. But I couldn’t get that feeling and couldn’t get to a good spot. Most of the time I was PO’ed about how cold it was and the fact that my hands never warmed up once. My thumb was cold to the bone and hurting so bad. Why do I live on the East Coast when I could be on the WEST COAST – representing 😉 and running in 70 degree weather? I can’t think of one good reason why not.

Moving on. My legs actually felt great!! Score one. However I had a really bad pain in my left lower rib cage. The first few miles I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to run through it but, I sucked it up and did anyway, of course. Who knows if it’s a pulled muscle, bruised rib, side stitch? Whatever it is it needs to go away ASAP.

Two loops around, parking at the Waterworks should be about 16. Next annoyance… my Garmin was off my about 0.5 miles. Super irritating. Of course that meant I had to run an extra half mile just so that it would say ’20’. Not sure why I let a little screen rule my life lately… sad but true.


Running through the pain in my side, felt very sluggish. Not sure if it was lack of sleep, calories, or not having a rest day prior. But I’m not even sure where I got my energy from because it felt like I had none. Maybe because my dinner last night was a salad and Guinness?

craving one of these

After the first loop I sat in the car for about 10 mins to warm up my hands. It was very hard to get back out knowing I still had 11.5 to go. Another loop and I knew I had it in. Not great time, not great splits. But all in all I got my 20 in and I felt pretty decent at the end and know I could have kept going. Now that I’ve done my longest run I can start tapering off and I think it’s going to be more beneficial for me, especially with all my issues going on right now.

20 on the garm

Today I was able to get a recovery run in… down the shore next to the beach – rainy but good and made my tired, hurting legs so much better.

WORKOUT – 2 miles recovery


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