Week Three Training Recap

Ok, so this might be my last training recap. Mostly because they are kinda boring, and also I did my longest run on Friday and it’s going to be tapering off from here on out. Stepping up on the other workouts and the speedwork but the long miles will, unfortunately taper. Last week went really well. I’m very happy with how my long run turned out, despite how it sounded in my post. But if I could do it in the time that I did, feeling the say that I did… I think I have some nice goals to set ahead of me.

Monday – JM (3lbs), 8 slow miles, yoga dvd

Tuesday – JM (3lbs), bike 30 min, bike 1 hour, yoga dvd

Wednesday – weights, 10 miles with hills

Thursday – yoga class, bike 1 hour light, JM (3lbs)

Friday – 20 miles !!

Saturday – 2 miles (recovery run)

Sunday – yoga class

Things to look forward to this coming week. Hills and speedwork, lots of PT exercises (not really fun). AND some trail running on Friday.


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  1. great job

    January 24, 2012 at 4:01 pm

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