Less Slow

Lap one – slow. Lap two – less slow. I think this is what my Garmin should start saying. My pace is getting slower and slower… this is not good. I have to keep telling myself that when I run hills I will be a little slower, but lately the slowness factor is creeping up, while the amazing factor is disappearing. More rest days are going to be much-needed soon. I think I have been way over training. Fitting in a decent schedule complete with taper AND trying to lose some lbs, AND coming off of an injury and not running for a while… is a lot. Feeling sluggish and not that great isn’t exactly the best confidence booster either.

VF again today for 10 miles. Super slow first lap and just felt like I had no energy again. Main problem here – haven’t had any energies in the morn so I’m running on calories from the night before. Second problem – legs are just over worked and over tired. And I’m carrying a lot of extra weight which never helps. Anyway… second lap around, another 5 miles felt a little bit better and I was ‘less slow’. Got it all done and felt decent. I really shouldn’t be complaining at all since I haven’t had any pain, which is the most important, and I still got it done. Fast forward to the gym and I did 2 more miles (speedwork?). Not quit but I tried to run fast and get a few more miles in. I also had to buy a stupid $18 T-shirt because I forgot mine and it was a toss-up between running in my sweatshirt or sportsbra – neither of which would have happened in a mill.

waste of money...

No exciting pictures today, unless more of my dirty car, boots and sneakers really count??

WORKOUT – weights, 10 miles, 2 miles, yoga dvd


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