Wishing for Rain

Bryndle loves me!

Yes it’s true… I was hoping it would be raining today! Why? Because I was heading to BMRC to pick up my new Nike rain jacket and hit up some trails. Haven’t really done any official trail running yet – craziness, I know… you’d think I’d be all over that. Well, I will be now because I loved it! Being out in the middle of the woods, running in the mud, climbing over rocks and trees. It’s the best. And a great way to get a different workout in. You’re running a lot slower, using more of your core muscles and smaller, and larger muscles that wouldn’t normally get worked on an average run.

high up

steep slopes

Running in the rain is always something I’ve enjoyed. As long as it isn’t freezing. So today, the weather was perfect. Pretty warm out, a decent steady rain on and off. And all the mud on the trails was definitely fun.

trying to avoid an avalanche

stability ball.... don't need one

7 miles of trails feels like a lot more than it is. My legs felt great after (minus a little knee pain), but I felt muscles I hadn’t felt in a while. Score.

don't worry, mom - i was careful!

overlooking the trails

wet and muddy

WORKOUT – 3 miles treadmill, 7 miles trails, weights…. heading out now for another few miles 🙂

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