What is it, really? And where does it come from? I’m posting THIS again, just because I love it and it’s true. But lately I’ve been thinking of strength in general. And I think this commercial is right on when it says – strength is just what you have left when you’ve used up all your weak.

Thinking back to the last two years and all that I’ve been through, people told me along the way how ‘strong’ I was. And ‘how do you do it?’ And honestly I can’t answer this question because sometimes I surprised myself. Seeing my Mom lately though and things that she’s handling I do think that I got a lot of that strength from her. She can always handle herself and hold it together in tough situations. She’s a little sweet lady – just like myself (ok, minus the sweet part), but you’d never think she is as strong as she is. She holds it together and gets the job done in any tough time.

So are we born with strength or do we build it? I think part is both. I know for myself that I can and will be able to handle a lot more in my life than I ever thought possible. And I also think that survival comes into play. Your body and mind is an amazing thing and when it comes down to it, it’s instinct and power and the will to live. And NOTHING beats that…

WORKOUT – yesterday-sloooooow 8 miles, PT  today-bike 30 min, stairclimber 30 min, strength training


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