Cold Beer on a Friday Night

The sweet taste of a cold beer, especially when you have been depriving yourself. Glorious. I had a little Heine last night at the Team in Training Kickoff event. It tasted oh SO good. Great event last night and I am super excited to start the training and fundraising season again. Also love the fact that all of our practices are on Saturday mornings this year. The main reason – Saturday drinking after running. Score. It was nice to get the schedule and see when the long runs will be and how I can plan out my spring training. I’ll talk more about this later. One marathon at a time is enough to think about.

Anyway, had a decent run this morning. The real taper began today since I only did 8, steady pace, didn’t look at the Garm too much and just enjoyed the run. It feels weird not to push it. And it feels unnatural to only be running 8. I was a little hard on myself after Wednesday’s run of 12. My body hurt a lot and I didn’t feel like I pushed as hard as I could have. Thinking to myself… ‘what the hell, it was only 12!’. Then I get realistic and think…. seriously 12 miles is good! What is my prob? This is what the marathon craziness does to me.

Well it was worth it today because it was nice and sunny out. Even though my hands were freezing. And on the way back I heard THIS (something about it just makes you want to drive around a back mountain road in your truck with the windows open and radio blaring), and then saw this…

reasons to run

Put a smile on my face as I rounded a corner and saw the sun glistening off of the water, combined with the music and thoughts of drinking and having a good time. Life. Is. Good.

WORKOUT – 8 miles, yoga class


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