I Heart Running

True story. We all know that. However I am learning about the ‘real’ heart in Anatomy right now. VERY interesting and I am comparing a lot to real life. Our bodies are seriously amazing. Did you know that our hearts pump enough blood in one day to fill 40 – 55 gallon drums. That’s crazy. AND goes to show how important it is to keep our heart healthy… physically and emotionally 😉 

heart strings

I scored a prime spot at Barnes & Noble today. Actually I had to stalk some girl and run over to her seat as soon as she got up, but whatever… I got a window seat. Lots of studying done and hopefully actually retained most of it.

staring out the window instead of studying

Good thing for this upcoming test because I don’t know what else I would do with myself during taper. I am getting more and more antsy everyday!!

WORKOUT – 6 miles, 15min bike, yoga


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