Red Hot Love

Haven’t done a ‘things I’m obsessed with this month’ post in a while. And what better time to talk about love then February. I’ve always loved Valentine’s day… I’m not even really sure why. Who doesn’t love, roses, pink and red, and chocolate? Maybe that’s why. Anyway… here are some things I love lately…

1.New Nike rain jacket  2.VS lipgloss in ‘Slice of Heaven’  3.Trail running  4.Looking forward, being nervous, anxious, scared, excited for another marathon!!!  5.Planning an upcoming vacay (done and done… and who would have thought, Vegas.  6.Planning my 30th B-day extravaganza  7.More blonde  8.THIS song  9.and THIS song  10.Enjoying one glass of wine, instead of downing a whole bottle 11.Tiff’s key necklaces  12.V-day (of course!) 13.Learning about the heart  14.This day in February 15.Red nails, red lips  16.Flannel shirts – especially when they are not my own  17.Kale  18.Chocolate covered espresso beans  19.Chocolate covered anything  20.Life (had to throw that one in there again for good measure – it’s been a while)


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