The Last Run

Today was my last run before the marathon. Needed to shake out my legs one more time and get them moving. Also wanted to feel for any aches and pains that my Doc could fix up on Monday. I’m trying to think back to last year before SD and what my last run felt like. I know I had major paranoia but can’t remember if my runs were as shitty as they have been lately. Today wasn’t too bad. Much better than my 11 minute one miler on the treadmill yesterday. I’ve been hurting for a while now…. not really sure why when I haven’t had a long run in over a week. Cutting back on all workouts, tapering my running so why does this happen. My body is screaming for a break and making sure that I take one? Who knows. This is why taper is hard, and the two weeks before the race, not running are even harder than all the training was. Over the next week I’ll be only doing yoga, and my PT on Monday. Lots of water!!! Tons of protein and healthy stuff.

ready to rock


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