Next Week

I might actually agree with this guy…


Doubtful. But I KNOW I’m going to be hurting. Day two after the marathon, AND after flying. Never a great thing for your legs. I really really really hope I’m in a great mood from doing an awesome job. However, I know my body is going to hate me… and I’m anticipating some ITBand, knee issues and probably some major foot pain. Seeing as how training has gone and the problems that I’ve had, I can foresee how I’ll feel. SO I need to make suuuuuuuper sure that I rest, REST, REST!!! No hurry to start training for SD right away. I rather need to take a break and rest my body and then jump into training when I’m ready. I’m not going to lose that much in a few months. I should be able to hit up the long runs pretty easily again. I’m glad my coaches have been reminding me of this too, because I get way ahead of myself and too excited sometimes. It’s better to do two marathons in one season then only one because of injury or over training. (thanks, Aram).

WORKOUT – yoga

ANATOMY FUN FACT – Recovery Period: the conditions in muscle fibers are re-turned to normal, preexertion levels. After a period of moderate activity, it may take several hours for muscle fibers to recover. After sustained activity at higher levels, complete re-covery can take a week.


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