Bi-Lo, Pre-Marathon Thoughts

How do I feel about my overall training for the Bi Lo Marathon? Well… all things considered (injury, time off from running, weight, eating, attitude… etc etc), I think I did pretty damn well. With training, that is. We’ll see what happens on actual race day. Do I feel ready?? Yes and No. I guess that is always going to be the answer with a race though. Yes, I feel ready mentally… well I did anyway. Up until this week. Those last minute paranoid thoughts are starting to creep in. And with lack of sleep and trying to fight off a cold or whatever it is, I’m having those nagging doubts. Yesterday I was so tired I even thought about dropping down to the half. What the F*ck!? Seriously? I squashed that thought the mila-second it popped in my head.

When I really think about this, and think about my 20 miler I know I can do it. I know it’s going to be harder than SD, I know I will have to psych myself out and mentally prep and do a lot of pep talking. But I do feel mentally prepared for this. However… that is not everything – by a long shot. Am I physically ready? No. I did as much training as I could in the short amount of time that I had. I’m pretty surprised at my accomplishments, but I know I could be way ahead of where I am right now. Body/health aspect? No. Haven’t eaten as well as I should have been. Haven’t dropped the pounds that I should have or built up the muscle that I need. But… short time, it’s pretty decent and I am feeling good about it.

I’ve also been reading up on Racing Multiple Marathons in one season. I decided to look at Saturday, today, tomorrow as the official start of my marathon season. This race isn’t just a race, however the start of my training for the next few months, end goal – San Diego. With that said… I need to be cautious of my body, my time and how hard I am pushing myself. Meaning, if I don’t reach the time goals I want, that’s ok I’ll try not to be psychotic about it, it’s just a ‘training run’. And really, it is. It’s meant to be fun and enjoyable, and I’ll worry about time and effort when I run another race… maybe NYC?

HERE – is some motivation. Ben’s Story is awesome and so inspirational…

Goals: Yes I have a few. 1- finish and have fun (always)  2 – sub ?? (time goals always scare me). There’s always the secret number in my head that I won’t reveal until the race is over. But I think it changed from the time I came up with it a few weeks ago.

HERE is the course, Bib # 613

Looking back on my SD training, I did log more miles and definitely over a shorter period of time. The longest month I had last spring was 112 miles in May. And the most I’ve done this season is 141 in January. However I did have some of my fastest times last spring. So it will be a good comparison.

Uber paranoid! Always. But, it is what it is… things could go either way. Everything all needs to fall into place. Sleep, feeling well, aches and pains, ITBand, food and fuel the night before, morning of, going to the bathroom… not having any stomach problems, clothing malfunctions, weather, whatever. If everything comes together the night before and the morning of, and I feel decent… I know I will be able to do it, and do it well…

do the damn thing!!


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  1. Good luck at the race! Since you’ve had some injuries during this year, that is great that you even got to the starting line. Doesn’t seem like your time really matters. Enjoy the experience of the race!

    February 17, 2012 at 8:52 pm

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