Medals and Margaritas

Two of my most favorite things… both of which go very well together. I don’t know what it is about margaritas – probably the salt. They are my perfect post race drink. And whoever invented them (the Mexican’s apparently), rocks. I finally got a greeeeaat one too many to count on Monday. The weather was awesome and we got to sit outside at Pier 14, right on the beach overlooking the ocean. I think I drank about 20 margs and ate enough salt to satisfy a camel – ? Do they like salt? Not sure but it sounds good.

tab numbero dos


Rewind to Saturday after the race… it was time to PARTY! Whit was done with her race and placed, Brooke accomplished her first 5k. Bill and Wes both had PRs and awesome race experiences. I blew my time away and met my secret goal and Tom was finally done hearing me bitch and complain about being nervous (pretty sure he had the most to celebrate out of anyone). So of course we had a fun day of drinking ahead of us.

Nothing makes an ice bath better like a cup of coffee oh… AND a glass of champagne. Score to that.  I can’t say no to champagne. This was waiting for me when I got back to the room… awesome!

so excited!

Ice bathed it up, drank a few celebratory drinks and finally got my slow, hurting, tired butt moving enough to get ready to head out. After a few glasses of champagne, some coronas we were all set!

once it hits your lips...

We decided to do a little bar-hopping at Broadway at the Beach. Margaritaville was our first stop. For some nice refreshing drinks and food, of course. Starving by this point. I ate and tried to down my first drink on top of the 5 gallons of water I was drinking. Wasn’t feeling that great and didn’t know how I’d ever last and wondered what time would be acceptable to go to bed. My legs were killing me and I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open.

sunburnt blondes with drinks - hot?

not as good as it looks

Fast forward to a few frozen drinks later and some tunes on the Jukebox at Fat Tuesdays and we were good to go. Most of us, anyway 😉

picking out songs

being weird

the group

Some more tequila, more bars and we had a pretty fun night…

hold on... to your... ?


 Which then turned into Sunday, lounging/drinking and then some… more pics to come!


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