The High-Low of the Bi-Lo

love that number

Marathon number two done and feeling pretty good. Overall – I’m really, really happy with my time. PR is always good. But cutting about 40 mins off your last race time is even better. Especially when you weren’t fully trained, ate crappy food and gained weight over taper.

Like I’ve mentioned before I was a crazy person the past few weeks months. I’ve been dying to run another marathon since the second that I finished San Diego and it finally happened. I feel a little relief. I honestly think I was so nervous that maybe I wasn’t meant to run another one. With the injury and Philly not happening, again. How was I supposed to love this so much when I’ve only ever done one?

Anyway… off to Myrtle Beach on Friday at 4:00am. Nervous about flying, what I packed… the fact that I couldn’t have a pre-flight drink (not cool). Luckily it was the shortest flight ever and we were in SC by 8am. Just in time to have coffee on the beach.

crack is not good for your nerves

but the ocean always is

Not being able to drink at brunch didn’t help either (ok, starting to sound like an alcoholic). I think If I was more confident about my training and had another race or two under by belt I would have felt better about drinking a little bit the past few weeks and not have been so obsessive about everything. Hopefully – we’ll see what happens next time. Met up with Whit and Bill and hit up the expo. Definitely the smallest one that I’ve been to. Not too much going, but always stuff to buy of course.

where is it??

little baby expo

I headed right for the race bibs to pick mine up. There’s something about seeing that bib, your name on it, your number – makes it so official. Here come the butterflies!! Even more so seeing my number. I looked it up online earlier and knew what it was but not realizing it had a 13 in it!! Good sign, I knew this was meant to be.

13 baby!

We did some walking around and found a restaurant to sit outside and have some beers (I wish!)… water for me and Whit. She had her race coming up in just a few hours. I think by that point we were all a little nervous and just ready to get everything kicked off. I was looking forward to just being at the start of the race in the morning and ready to go.

foam fountain

By Friday night I was a true crazy person. Tom can vouch for that… I’m pretty sure he was looking up flights just in case he needed to head home early. Doubting myself, my body, my training. Honestly wasn’t sure if I could do this, or even wanted to anymore. What is my problem sometimes I wonder??? So I said, Fuck it… here’s to Marathon number 2 – take it or leave it… let’s just do it.

And here’s also to trying to do my race and weekend recaps sooner next time. 🙂

WORKOUT – yoga class, bike – 1 hour, JM (that’s right baby, sheeee’s back!)


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