Unwinding After Work

This is what I have planned tonight when I get home from work. HOT date. 3:30am after serving annoying drunkards all night it’ll be time for quicky (say, what!?)… not the fun kind. Rolling out my legs so they are fresh for the morning. And scarfing down some salty carbs – since going 9 hours without eating isn’t exactly ideal in my book. Not looking forward to this night. Maybe I am jealous because I’m always on the wrong side of the bar lately. And a ‘Happy Hour’ drink won’t even happen because I’ll be getting up in 2.5 hours to go run 12 miles. First Team in Training practice that I’ll be able to attend so I really need to make it and am definitely looking forward to it. And right from there it’s up to the Lake House. Fast forward –> 2:00 in the afternoon, passed out on the dock after drinking a bottle of CabFranc (T- are you jealous??). All worth it.

Blogging up a storm today and never even mentioned my workout.

WORKOUT – yoga class , JM (sick of her already… )


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