I’m a Good Catch

This has been my theme for a little while. Not really sure why when I look like this…

Sexy, no?

Anyway, talking yourself into the fact that you really are cool and not a dork sometimes works. So Jake says that since I’m a cool girl and like to fish and do all that fun stuff but still apparently look good most of time, that I’m a good catch. I’ll take that complement.

Yesterday afternoon J-bird and I headed out in the boat for a little booze cruise and decided to throw in a couple lines. Harv’s old left handed fishing rod, and a rusted up POS lure that looks like it fell off a Christmas tree. Apparently this is a good combo because I caught one.

J and Ralph were a little jealous, I’m sure. But hey… I’m a good catch!!

Maybe he will turn into Prince Charming?

I never measured it (true fisherman) but it was pretty damn big. Or maybe I am small and it just looks big in the pic. Chain Pickerel – pretty bad ass. They have some scary teeth on them, so you have to pick them up by their gills.

Mountain man cleaned it up and filleted the Prince and we now have dinner for tonight. Wow, a good catch and a cheap date.


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