All I Want for my Birthday

Sorry guys… I’m only giving you a few days to shop so you better get on that.

No, seroiusly though all I really want for my 30th is to spend lots of fun times with family and friends!! Which I am already getting to do. Second… THIS – Donate!!!! But it’s always fun to dream…

VS Bathing Suit – x-small in Grape

Little Stick – Sticks are for kids! Yay, finally won’t have to shove mine in my suitcase

Supporting my Coffee Craze – “Mr. Coffee” recommends. Although he could be all talk since I never tasted his coffee… A,!?

Me Mizuno’s – 8.5 please… yes, I have big feet for running lots of miles

Vacation!! – craving one – yep, bratty

Why Not!? – since I’m being so realistic. Dream shopping is more fun then I thought.

A little piece of heaven – with you at all times. Love this! I have a fake one for now, but of course real is always better.

Marc-y Marc – and no not him – but yeah that would be pretty nice too!


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