Stan Hates When the Plan gets F*ed

And by Stan I mean Ape. All set to ease back into running and starting my spring training for Lake Placid. The past few weeks I thought I was taking it slow and getting in a few long runs here and there. Not really pushing myself. Yeah well guess that went out the window. Birthday 11 miler and 13 on Friday equals a little bruised Achilles. Even something the Stick can’t cure overnight. Lots of ice for this little girl and the dreaded… dum, dum, dum…. REST! WTF!? Doing my research this morn…

One week of yoga and biking for me and then I’ll see how it feels next week. WORST case scenario. And no not, the game. But even four weeks off would still give me enough time to get some long runs in. I’m starting to think that this frantic quick marathon training plan isn’t exactly the best.

So what’s the real plan from here? Taking it easy this summer and that means short runs, hill work and speed work. There is no need to be doing 13 mile long runs in 1000degree weather with a broken rib (ie. last summer). Let’s not be too crazy here. Philly is in the back of my mind and so is BQ. So that means really running this summer with NO pressure. Cross training, lots of yoga and all that other crap 🙂

Yes so needless to say yesterday was not a good running day. I had some errands to run (and no, it wasn’t shopping this time) out in the boondocks so I decided to hit up Valley Forge on my way back into the city. Packed all my running gear up… and decided to take a few blurry phone camera pics.

Had a nice wholesome breakfast, yum!

And then hit the trail. LOVE, love, LOVE VForge. Not sure if it’s the hills or the serenity, or maybe the fact that there are no annoying bikers that you have to worry about. Either way this is one of my fav spots to run.

About 0.000001 miles into the run my heel hurt. Damn you Achilles!! I should have stopped and walked back to the car but instead I told myself I had to suck it up and do at least one loop. Pain, more pain and running 11 minute miles. Not cool and what is the point when I’m not getting anything out of it besides wrinkles on my forehead from making annoyed faces the whole time.

Here’s to a rest week…. (cry a river)

PS – I’ll also be taking a little blogging hiatus again this week do to some family issues and things going on. Hopefully be back better than ever SOON!


4 responses

  1. B

    One thing that has really helped my achilles issues is stretching, and strengthening exercises. Pretty much every spring I get achilles tendonitis like clock work. Major ouchness uhg. I’m thinking about investing in a stick too.

    April 11, 2012 at 11:02 am

    • awesome! thanks for the info. it def is good to know that it’s not only me too. and i have been slacking on the yoga/stretching front. ps – i HIGHLY recommend the stick. just ordered a travel one too!

      April 11, 2012 at 1:57 pm

  2. Good luck with the recovery. The stick + every kind of calf stretch imaginable = usually a better Achilles. Keep at it, you’ll be back on the trails soon. It just takes that vile thing called patience. Ugh

    April 12, 2012 at 11:53 am

    • patience…. definitely one thing that i don’t have. but i do have plenty of stretches and ice and advil 🙂

      April 14, 2012 at 3:53 pm

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