Starbucks and the Digestive System

Lots of coffee… lots of studying. Plan to not see or hear from me much in the next two weeks with finishing up my class. A&P 2 is a lot harder than A&P 1 was… that is for sure. And procrastination doesn’t help me much.

Today was the first day that I woke up and put pressure on my foot without shooting pain in my Achilles. Yay to that! Most of the swelling has gone down and I pretty much bruised up my whole Fibularis Brevis and Longus (I pretend like I know what I’m talking about) muscles. Yoga this morning felt perfectly normal except a few twists and turns. So I’m considering doing a test run tomorrow to see how it feels after that. Original plan with TNT was to run 16 on Saturday. Not gonna happen unless I feel amazeballs tomorrow. Doubt it. However if I am only running the Halfer in Lake Placid (which is probably the smart move) then I really only need to run 7-10ish. Main concern right now – getting fully better and being able to run without any pain. Always and excellent goal. Half or Full LP, NY will still be amazing and I have to remember the real REASON why I am running in the first place.

All I’ve been doing is this… notice the Grande size today. Sbux=Crack.

When all I want to do is this… and also just discovered a super amaze trail run this summer which I am slowly becoming obsessed with. Running=Addiction.

WORKOUT – yoga class, TRX


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