Testing, testing…. 1, 2, 3miles

Test run today! Went fairly well I would say. As I mentioned yesterday the Achilles and Plantar stuff has been feeling pretty decent the past few days so I figured I’d test out a run today to see if I could get back into it or if this is a more serious issue.

No music, big old sweatshirt so that the run didn’t feel too serious. Definitely tough to get started but I blame that on the stupid shot last night. It’s always ONE too many that puts it over the edge. I need to learn that yes it’s ok to say no to a shot, whether someone buys it for you or not, no one is forcing it down your throat. And you always have to keep YOUR goals, wants and needs PRIORITY and not try to please other people all the time. Because in the end you’re the only one that can make you happy. Anyway… that’s another whole issue, probably for the therapist.

So… I was concentrating hard on how my body felt. A tiny bit of pain in the Achilles around 0.38 and my left hamstring was tight but that’s from TRX. Slow and steady and then picked it up and tested out a faster pace at the end. So far so good! We’ll see what later brings and how tomorrow goes.

Nice little post run smoothie that I was craving! Does it make it less healthy if you drink your breakfast out of a beer glass? #representwisconsin

WORKOUT – yoga class, 3 miles


One response

  1. Step by step, take it easy and then……. to the road again 😉 Good luck!!

    April 21, 2012 at 1:46 pm

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