Relaxing Rainy Run

Another good run in the rain yesterday. It was nice and peaceful being out next to the river with a slight rain. Took it easy and decided to do 7 casual miles. Saw one of my coaches along the way and chatted for a bit. Forgot to stop my Garmin though – hate when that happens! Didn’t take my camera with me again… as usual. Sorry, I will start doing this more often, now that I am back running again on regular basis. I’m liking the fact that I switched down to the half. Less pressure and worrying about getting in a certain amount of miles. Let’s me really get back to enjoying the run itself and getting into my form, speed, hills etc. Loving the run, not the training. And this my friends, will hopefully carry over into the summer and fall season because it’s time to #RedifinePossible !

No, I wasn’t running in traffic… looks like it might be kinda dangerous. Rainy day in Philly…

Here’s one not cool pic. Checking out my mileage over the past few months. January rocked! What happened? No wonder I am grouchy all the time. I dropped way off, obviously for marathon reasons but I don’t like the idea that I only ran 50 some miles in a month. Weird. Need more consistency. Sometimes I really really wonder how I ever PRed at the Bi-Lo with the attitude and amount of training I put in. Miracle?

Anyway, I’m excited to run again ‘just to run’… Thanks Steph for the advice because it has definitely helped!

WORKOUT – yoga class, 1 hour bike, TRX


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