Yoga and Colin Farrell

Nothing like a yoga workout and a nice 5 miler to wake you up on a dreary day. Got a lot accomplished so far this morning.

So apparently Colin Farrell has been working out at my gym. He’s been to a few of the spin classes and my yoga instructor had him in his spin class the other day. He said he’s super nice and stayed after to take pics with everyone. Damn – why do I not like cycling again? One time when I would actually enjoy it!! Sitting next to Colin in class would be pretty sweet. I just might have to sign up next week 🙂

Anyway… they are filming a movie a few blocks away from my apartment. The movie is supposed to be set in NYC so they changed the street signs and parked cars with NY license plates. This is pretty cool but also annoying. Some of the main streets are closed and the movie trailers are taking up precious parking spots. Not going to lie though I do go a block or so out of my way sometimes just to walk by and see if I see anyone. Ok – so anyone that I would actually recognize. Yesterday I was coming out of South Moon Under on Chestnut St and almost literally ran into Terrance Howard as he was walking into his trailer. Luckily I asked someone ‘who the hell is that?’ when everyone was screaming at him on the street the other day. So this time I knew. Not that exciting, but whatev… probably better than anything else that happened yesterday. New York, or Philly?? …

Ok, so onto running. Things have been going pretty good. I’m slowing getting my way back in without pushing it too much. And I came up with a nice plan for the next few weeks where I’m actually following the rules and only increasing my mileage by 10% a week. So far, so good…

WORKOUT – yoga class (no Colin 😦 ) , 5 miles


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