18 and more 18

18 miles bitches!! This run was very unplanned today. I had on my schedule to do 11 and was comfortable with that. I’ve been trying not to overdo it and with the half marathon next weekend I thought that would be enough. It’s hard to hold back when you really want to run more. Arriving at Valley Forge this morning at 8am, to meet with the Team in Training group I saw that the full marathoners had 18 planned on their schedule. I want, I want!! Kinda knew right then and there I’d end up doing more. Carl – who I ran SD with was there. He is super fast and very entertaining so I figured I’d keep up with him for a while and see how things go. Well… running with the boys, definitely pushes you more and we did the loop and then some back on one of the river trails. I was keeping up pretty good and felt good so I ended up getting talked into doing 13. And by then I figured if I’m doing that, then why not finish it out with one more loop. Super humid, lots of sweaty clothes today. And def should have remembered my body glide.

Towards the end I was hurting pretty bad. I didn’t eat or take any energies in the morning because I usually don’t if I’m only running 11 or so, depending on what I ate the night before. And since I woke up starving at 3am, and ate a bowl of Kashi Crunch with a banana. Not eating anything in the morn and banging out 11 wasn’t going to be a big deal. But by mile 15 I had burned off the cereal and the few SlyFox‘s I had last night. No fuel = no energy. I toughed it out and finished at 2:30 – not bad for going in unprepared. And now 13.1 next week will hopefully feel like a piece of cake.

Yum, cake! Speaking of re-fueling I was starving when I got done and since Philly traffic sucks ass and I knew it would be a while til I got home, took a little stop at Wawa and grabbed some mango and hard boiled eggs. Ate just the whites and by the time I got to my place about and hour and a half later I was hungry again.

So to add to my lucky 18 today, I decided to take runnrgrrl’s advice and ice bath for 18 minutes. Not as bad as I thought. You’re pretty numb after a few minutes anyway. So I tweeted it up to entertain myself and I was good to go. We’ll see how tomorrow feels after being on my feet working all night. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

When this is all I really want to do tonight! Compression, comfy sweats, and couch.

WORKOUT – 18 miles


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