Speedwork if You Must

It’s time for speedwork. And I’ve been saying that for a long time now. Since I’m not doing another Full Mary until Philly, I want to concentrate on speed this summer. Speedwork to me has always just been – running with someone faster than me, or booking it at the end of my run just because I’m late or want to get done. Or if it’s going to rain. Such as HERE and HERE. Sometimes these little tricks work but not if you are really trying to improve. Which I will be come fall training season. I hate the track for whatever reason – probably comes from highschool gym class. So speed for me is most likely going to be fartleks on KD or treadmill stuff.

Today it was the dready tready. I really don’t mind it sometimes. Especially when the weather is kinda crappy out, and I’m in the mood to run fast. I hit up the gym shortly after I got back from my first run this morning. Intervals were 30 seconds of faster pace (8.5 or higher / 6:50min miles or faster) and then 30 seconds of running at an 8:00min mile pace. Felt really good actually. Why do I not do speed more often? Once a week I need to be doing this. And it’s fun to run fast and get a good quick 2 miler in. So Marta – the treadmill conversion is (7.5mph = 8:00 minute miles) 🙂

Before the gym time today I hit up Kelly for another rainy run. I need to start running elsewhere because KD is getting real boring real fast. Good thing I had a new playlist on my I-pod because that helped. 7 miles in the mist and rain – missing the sun!!

Took a little energy break in between workouts..

WORKOUT – 7 miles, 2 miles speedwork, yoga


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