Redemption at Valley Forge

Damn you VF and your addicting hills!! When I ran my 18 miler the other day, I was really hurting towards the end. And not my legs but just my energy level. It was tough to pull the strength and run the last few miles. Most of that coming from the fact that I didn’t fuel at all and drank the night before. But anyway… I wanted to get even with these hills and really crush it this time.

I woke up in Reading since I stayed over Kristen’s house the other night for Sushi and Wine Night. On my way back into the city I passed VF park and stopped in for a little re-match. I was in a hurry because I had to get to work. It was a gorgeous morning, sunny, dry, a little cool. For whatever reason I woke up in a great mood with that ready to take on anything attitude. Not sure why since I only seemed to sleep a few hours. Maybe that was just it. Anyway… needed to not dilly dally for a lot of reasons #girlproblems … so I knew this had to be a quick run. Banged out the loop in 38 mins which comes to about a 7:45 average minute mile. I crushed the hills and cursed them for beating me up the other day. F-U hills… you don’t know who you are dealing with.

Kristen has a good room for pictures… nice and sunny and lots of mirrors. Welcome back to dorky pics of me again!

Done and done. Still got to make it to work on time and hang with this little cutie all day. Mayple.

WORKOUT – YESTERDAY 5 miles (hills, bitches!!)


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