Accidental Placement and PR

So what’s the word people!!!? On the Timing Chip Website for the DE Half it’s saying that I came in fourth place in my age group. However based on the final chip time I should technically be 3rd place, which is actually ‘placing’. Waiting on a final confirmation of this. Not that it matters that much… 4th place is still awesome, however it’s the matter of the fact. And you’re always competing for one of the top three spots. Status, prizes, Pride… all the good stuff. Here’s what the website is showing… WTF?

Overall I feel pretty good about everything that went down on Sunday. Everyone had an awesome race and felt good. Gorgeous weather and a really nice course. VERY well-organized race.

Anything I would do different? Wish I would have run the Full – but that is always my biggest issue. #takeachillpillApe. However I DO wish I would have brought my camera with me for the run. When will I learn… just bring it because you always want pics of the course and actual race and before and after photos etc etc. Not going to be the best race review since I have no pics but I’ll do my best. Also – needed sunglasses and extra fuel. Things I know but just didn’t feel like doing. Totally not into this race going in, just kinda ran it, so wasn’t my usual prep but ended up being good. Apparently this works well for me. So if it’s not broke – don’t fix it.

WORKOUT – 2 miles speed work , 4 miles, JM


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