Delaware Marathon Running Festival 1/2 Marathon, 2012 – Recap

Early to rise, early to run. Woke up at 4:30am on Sunday morn ready to rock! I wasn’t sure how this race would go and I was having some mixed feelings. One of those that I just kinda went into (as usual). I figured I’d just run it, get it done and what happens, happens.

One thing to be excited about was my race bib # 3125 – notice the 3 and the 1. Good luck.

Still leaving when it’s dark out is usually fun because you are either going to the airport for vacation or going to run. Two of my very favorite things.

I hit up the Honey Stingers in the morning as my pre-race fuel. And representing them wearing my race shirt. Yay Sponsorship!

Got to the start right on time, just enough to make a quick stop at the porto-potties and get in line. There weren’t really corrals since this was a smaller race. So we all tried to get towards the front. Gun off – time to roll. I’ll apologize now for not having any race course pictures since I didn’t bring my camera. I knew I’d regret that but sorta just wanted to run this race with no extra BS to worry about. Plus I figured what is really great to look at in DE? Well… I was wrong there because it was a really nice course. Through the park and lots of suburban areas, next to the water at times. And PS – Ladies, Wilmington Cops … getting a speeding ticket wouldn’t be a bad thing, let’s just say that.

Course stuff – nice and shaded for the most part. Good spectators and support. The race was organized VERY well. Water stations at least every mile and lots of volunteers helping out and telling runners where to go. The Marathoners were running the same course but started a little earlier so there weren’t any splits. But there was a relay happening at the same time as well so a lot was going on. Everything was well marked and the mile markers were right on. Love/hating the fact that the marathoners were doing the same course but two loops because I was passing the 20 and up mile markers. Not going to lie, I was definitely jealous that I wasn’t running the Full.

Everything started off good. I was clocking in 7:40ish minute per miles and feeling good. Surprising how nice the course was, next to the water and through some of the park. The hill that I was told to expect was at mile 4 – right on time. Mile 6 my back really started to hurt, thinking my alignment is off again and I need another trip to the chiropractor. The whole point of this race was to just run it, not to push it. So I tried to take it easy after that. Mile 7 and 8 were much slower. But for whatever reason I picked up the pace again.

You always say you’re not going to have a race plan but after the first mile or two it just kind of happens. Thoughts were – go out steady, ease up in the middle and then kick it at the end. Well… I guess I held pretty steady throughout except those damn mid miles. If I kept it up and actually knew whoever I was racing against in my age group would be right around my time and I had a possibility of placing I would have crushed it even more. Oh well… there is always next year!

Mile 12 to 13 was up hill of course. Feeling really beat up by this point (should have brought an energy with me), I just kicked it at the end to get the hell done. Ended up doing pretty decent and feeling fine afterwards. For a tiny split second I even contemplated what would happen if I did the loop again and jumped in with the marathoners. Maybe another Stinger would have had me make some bad decisions.

I’m starting to like this PR thing… so maybe these Halfs are better than I thought. What will happen if I actually train? Hhm. Afterwards stopping by the champagne tent was a must. What – Wine Glass Marathon!!? Looks like that could be on the menu someday. Everyone had a great race! PRs! Time for fun…

And always nice to have beer while you are ice-bathing too. Sorry no pics of that #inappropriate.


2 responses

  1. Sounds like a great race, congrats on the PR! Lol on the 3 and 1 in your race number again, haha

    May 18, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    • thanks!!! aah, i know.. i’m scared for the day that those numbers aren’t there. wish i never noticed, ha.

      May 18, 2012 at 6:28 pm

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