Last Long Run

Not forever!! Don’t worry. But today was the longest run with Team in Training summer season. The full Marathoners were doing 20 and the Halfers were doing 11. Since I’m a weirdo kinda in between I decided I’d do 16ish. Almost got talked into doing 20 with Carl again but started feeling my Achilles again so wanted to take it easy. And there’s no reason to be putting extra stress on my body if I’m not running the full anyway. We’ll save all that pain for the end of summer/fall season when I start hitting it hard for Philly.

I didn’t think this morning would be amazing. Just didn’t have that ‘feeling’ when I woke up. Since I didn’t have a set goal, figured I’d just run it out and see what happened. Keeping a decent pace – or I thought. Felt kinda weighed down. Out and back run at Valley Green I made my way back to the start and finished off at 15. Not bad and I need to remember less is more sometimes.

I also need to remember how great Iced Tea is afterwards. #cheatingoncoffee

WORKOUT – 15 miles


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