Sweatpant Sunday

Woke up this morning afternoon at 1ish. Lazy? Yes… much needed though. After my 15 yesterday and being out right after that, not quite recovering I was beat! I think the last week has caught up with me. Luckily this coming week is a slower one – in regards to running and working out. Some speedwork tomorrow and then a few days off to get ready for this weekend and a few longer mileage weeks coming up.

Somedays you just need to chill out. It was soooo nice out this morning and really wanted to go to the pool but just wasn’t feeling it today. Alone time on the couch in your sweats to recoup and reflect is just much more needed sometimes. And I’m not even hungover!

Breakfast on my ‘patio’…

Luckily my apartment is suuuuuper sunny with 3 big windows. So when you are hanging out on the couch it feels like you are outside – pretty cool. Of course the sun went in right before I was about to take this picture…


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