Sock of the Month Club

Sounds like something your 90-year-old grandma would be a member of, right? Well… it’s not as dorky as you think. Not quite as cool as being in a wine club but whatever! It will be when you recover faster.

Anyway… so PRO Compression Socks has a deal that they send you ever month. Hence the SOM Club, where they offer mad discounts on their socks. Compression socks aren’t cheap which is why I have one pair of them and just wear them over and over again until they are too stinky that even I need to wash them. That’s why this club is so rad because with the discount you can get them for around $30 including super fast shipping (seriously they are in your mailbox within two days). Normally these guys run about $50 big ones.

So when these showed up in the mail yesterday I was excited! Really really wish I was doing a long run this week.

Trying to cut back a bit with the miles. I need a more consistent schedule. I should be trying to spread the miles out over the week instead of doing 18 in one day and then not running for 3. Not exactly the best plan. So this week is a low week and then next I’ll step it up again and try to be more consistent. Afterall, that is the plan for the summer.


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