I’m sure you all noticed the new look! I felt the need for a change. New blog / New me. Let’s hope it works that way, anyway. But I decided I needed a little bit of a brighter look. At least if I am going to be writing posts in the middle of the night I need something more cheery and lighter to look at. And now I match my Twitter page.

So the past few days I have been drinking a lot! And not the fun kind. I finally broke down and tried a real cleanse. Just juices for 3 days – only water, nothing else. Even restrained from putting gum in my mouth. And yes that means NO coffee. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a while now. And my friend, Melanie told me about this. She did it a few weeks ago so could warn me about how awful it was and what I was in for 🙂

Catalyst Cleanse – 3 day juice. From the JAR BAR in Philly. Today is day 3 for me, last day. And it’s honestly not as bad as I thought. I have energy, I’m not hungry and I’ve slept better these past two nights then I have in a while. That could be lack of coffee though. No running the past few days… I wasn’t sure how that would be on lack of fuel but I think I’d probably be able to do it. Yoga this morning felt fine. This is something I’d definitely try again. They even have packages for 30 days – craziness! Next time I would probably just make my own but this was really easy. I think I’d also try for longer if I was to do this again. But over all it was good and I feel healthy and hopefully re-set now. Although not much different from if I just ate really healthy for a few days. Which I will be doing from here on out anyway! It’s time to actually do this, this time and stop blabbing about it.

WORKOUT – yoga class


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