Sam is Boring

Yesterday I headed out to the Burbs to feed my parents cat while they were away. Perfect time to lay out by the pool, do some laundry and go for a nice country run. Hanging out with this guy all day isn’t very entertaining.

So instead I brushed up on some of my gossip mags. The weather was humid and overcast so not a good pool day. And considering the pool isn’t open yet that didn’t really help me out either. Hot and humid and running at high noon never go well together. I had a smoothie in the morning too and felt like everything was sloshing around in my stomach. Bad pre-run choice of fuel there. I might as well have had a shot.

Anyway, ok run… I only set out to do five and it was a nice little change of scenery. Exciting things going on in Perkiomenville!

Although I did see some dude creeping around his yard with a shot-gun. No lie. I’m assuming he was hunting groundhogs or something?

The heat has seemed really oppressive to me and I’m not sure why. I think because I’m carrying extra weight (which is hopefully on its outs once and for all!). Or maybe my endurance isn’t as good as it has been. I forget that I actually need to build up my miles and can’t really be going out and doing 18 randoms and then taking a few days off. Again, with the consistency – working on it. These next few weeks will be tell tale.

Anyway… I hit up some back roads which were shaded but also hilly. Nice on the way down, not so nice on the way up.

WORKOUT – 10 miles at Valley Forge (another sweaty run today, will post tomorrow)


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