Speedy Stuff – Not so much

It’s crazy to me that it’s about a year since I ran San Diego. What have I done with my life since then!? Geez time flies when you are… sitting around being depressed. Well that is done and hopefully I’m moving on with the next chapter of my life. Nothing forgotten but all the hurt and bad stuff put behind me. I see June and July being great!! Here’s to hoping…

Anyway enough about all that BS stuff. I have few emotional posts coming up soon anyway (just wait!).

But, Lake Placid is coming up in a few weeks and has me thinking a lot about running SD last year and what a great time it was. Still by far one of the best weekends and experiences of my life. Hands down. I would have loved to do the race again this year but felt I was pushing myself too much to try to re-create last year. I think I had a little bit of an easier time dealing with things at this point last year. Lots has to do with that but don’t want to get into it now. SO, that being my main reason for switching over to LP. Thinking back though, just a year ago I hadn’t run any distance races yet ever. RnR SD being my first one. AND jumping in and doing a FULL at the first go. I could not have asked for a more amazing first Marathon experience and was hooked on distance and the whole 26.2 idea before I even ran the race. I feel like I should have been doing this my whole life. But – new passion found and the beginning of my real running ‘career’ (yeah I wish) started. Considering… First Marathon I trained right, started slow over the span of 4 months. Ate right during training, paced way low in the beginning miles, negative splits and finished hard 4:32. Second Marathon trained in 7 weeks, carried extra weight and a bad attitude. Ate crappy food, felt unprepared. Felt decent the entire race, had a good time PR-ed hard and cut 37 minutes off my time subbing 4 hours. So, I wonder what will actually happen when I train hard, eat good, and am inspired. Let’s find out.

I really really REALLY wish I had stuck with doing the Full Marathon in LP, but at the same time have to keep reminding myself to slow down a bit. Overdoing it causes injuries and I need my body in tip top shape to start training for Philly if I want a really good PR. Besides… this way there is less pressure and I can have some drinks the night before now 😉 always a plus.

Momma Dukes is coming with me so I’ll have my own personal photographer we’ll get to do some sightseeing. Nothing really ready for this race yet but since it’s a Half I’ll prob just throw some stuff together last minute – as usual per my awesome packing skills.

So continuing on, planned to do some more speedwork this morning.  Yeah that didn’t really happen. TRX last night crushed my legs so I felt like I was running super fast and wasn’t. Next time I need to remember to warm up too. #ThisGirlNeedstoTakeHerOwnAdvice What!?

Second round of the day. Had my little coffee kick (first one after over a week – delish), got back from class and headed out for round two. I don’t know WHAT my prob is this week but running has been hard. The 10 I did on Saturday were tough and today wasn’t the easiest either. Frustrating when you feel like you are running fast but you really aren’t. Oh well, I am coming off of a low mileage week. Build it back slow.

Eggs – fave post run breakfast/lunch 🙂

WORKOUT – 2 miles, 5 miles, JM


2 responses

  1. ajawon

    Running is a good venting tool for sadness! Do you use coffee for pre-workout?

    May 30, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    • sometimes i’ll use coffee bf a workout – usually if i do a run later in the day. and i use shotblocks and gels that have caffeine in them pre-runs if i’m doing a long run

      June 1, 2012 at 12:51 pm

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